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Northerly creates positive impression with 320 Rokeby Road

With 320 Rokeby Rd, Northerly were quite literally challenged with a range of architectural curveballs. The company rose to the challenge and has successfully completed what is a signature property for the city of Subiaco, and its rich building heritage.

Northerly were chosen by highly renowned West Australian architectural outfit, Donaldson Boshard, and developers, Greenlane Group, to create the bespoke high-end commercial property. Utilising a range of materials and truly state-of-the-art design concepts, the unique property is a sublime fusion of modern-day and mid-century that pays beautiful tribute to the suburb and its rich architectural heritage. The many curved elements in materials including concrete, steel and timber, presented Northerly with a fascinating task.

Managing Director, Michael Lawson, is particularly proud of the outcome and his teams’ approach to the project. ‘This is a ‘one of those’ projects for a builder whereby an architect comes along with a really ambitious concept that has everyone excited and enthusiastic. Then the hard work to bring it to reality, and to the vision, begins’ Mr Lawson said. ‘The fact that our team worked so well in tandem with Donaldson Boshard, on spec and to budget, is a real feather in their caps.  The project falls right into our corporate statement of ‘creating positive’, in that it adds architectural value to Subiaco, the streetscape and will be an incredible place for people to come to work in each day.

It was a project with a really ambitious concept that had everyone excited and enthusiastic.