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Northerly adopts ‘Creating Positive’

It was a casual conversation over a beer or two, between Michael Lawson and Northerly’s ad agency senior writer, that led to the group to adopt ‘Creating Positive’ as its positioning statement.

When asked what his motivation was geared around when looking at his own career, Michael’s answer was simply, “I want to do things that make a difference”. The best kind of positioning statement, or ‘slogan’ (to use a less professional term), is one that speaks the truth and, for Northerly, it aligns perfectly.

Northerly targets new business opportunities that fit in the space of ‘change for good’. Be it in the disability space for partners such as Rocky Bay; for aged care facilities; or elevated living opportunities for over 55’s such as Altum. Equally, it can be creating innovative and environmentally focused design solutions, such as those at Montreal Commons, working on ‘next level fun’ fit outs like Flight Club, or building ultra-modern commercial spaces that still blend in with their heritage surrounds.

Ultimately, it’s about the choices we make, the quality of work we do, and how it will benefit our clients, staff, and most importantly, the people that utilise the spaces and buildings we create.

‘Creating Positive’ sits comfortably with Northerly and despite it being relatively new, feels like it has been around forever.

A new positioning statement that aligns perfectly with Northerly.